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Life Insurance Awareness Month

Did you know September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month?

As with all insurance, life insurance plans are about preparing for the unexpected. We don’t plan to have a heart attack or meet an untimely end. We may fret about the unforeseen, but there are few ways to prepare for it. Life insurance provides a way to be prepared and get peace of mind.

Bank Midwest Insurance wants to encourage everyone to take stock of their current situation. Will your loved ones be financially secure with your current coverage in the event something happens to you?

The main reason to buy life insurance is for financial protection for your family and dependents. If you are the sole income earner or the major provider in your family, then life insurance definitely makes sense. If you should die unexpectedly, your policy will help your loved ones pay your final expenses and potentially receive ongoing support. The amount they receive will depend upon the size of policy you buy.

Even if you’re single, consider how much financial support you provide your parents or siblings? If you’re retired and have paid off your mortgage or your children are all grown, you can’t solely rely on Social Security and your savings to take care of what lies ahead. And, besides taking care of your family, life insurance can also protect your business.

Are you feeling secure with your life insurance coverage?  Why not talk to us about your coverage and your concerns.  We’re happy to provide a free consultation and quotes from reputable life insurance companies.

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