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Writing out a resume and practicing the interview are good ways to prepare for your first job search.

Tips For Getting Your First Job

Finding your first job can be challenging, but it’s something most people need to do sooner or later. Here are some tips to make the job hunt a little bit easier:

Make a Resume

The first thing you’ll need in your job hunt is a resume. Even though you don’t have work experience, there is still a benefit in filling out a resume with your skills and qualifications, The Balance reported. For example, if you’ve helped a relative with yard work or babysat for your neighbor, list the skills you learned through those experiences.

In addition to giving you an opportunity to showcase your talents, having a resume prepared will demonstrate that you are serious about finding a job and that you’re a hard worker.

Practice the Interview

A tough part of any job application process is the interview. You’ll likely be up against other people your age as well as college students and retirees hoping to earn some extra cash, LiveCareer pointed out. The employer needs to determine who is the best fit for the job. Practice articulating why you think that person is you.

Get Organized

Employers need a few documents on file before they can pay their employees. When you get hired, they’ll ask for your social security number and a photo ID. Depending on how old you are and which state you live in, you may also need a work permit signed by your parents.¬†

Begin the Hunt

Once you have your resume, your talking points and all your necessary documents in order, you’re ready to begin the job search. Websites like and are excellent resources for finding available jobs in your area, plus you can narrow it down by education level and required skill set. This will help you find positions you qualify for.

You can, and should, continue your job search offline. Check out the newspaper and the local library for listings. Also, take a walk around your town or neighborhood to search for help-wanted signs. Finally, make a list of places you think you’d enjoy working at, like your favorite store or ice cream shop. Even if they don’t have a help-wanted sign in the window, it doesn’t hurt to walk in and ask a manager if they’re hiring. This will demonstrate your initiative, a quality managers look for, and can help you find a great job you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Be Professional

Even though you’re young and don’t have experience in the working world, managers will still expect you to put your best foot forward. This means being well groomed and presentable whenever you interact with your prospective place of work, whether you’re asking for an application or going in for an interview. Wear nice clothing to the interview and practice good communication skills: shake hands with your interviewer, smile and make eye contact.

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And, the next time you need to go through the application process, it will seem a little bit easier.